Vijay Kapoor

Vijay Kapoor

Vijay is one of the most renowned and credible faces in the Retail and Commercial Real Estate in the country..

Vijay started his career with Eros Group. Rising from ranks, he rose to be the head of Sales, Marketing and Business development in the group which was, at the time one of the largest real estate firms of the NCR region. Over the period spanning 1992 till 2002, Vijay played a pivotal role in scaling up of Eros’ operations and in successful launch of several new projects across different micro-markets and asset classes.

Post his stint at Eros, Vijay joined PVR Group when the company, as indeed, the whole sector was still in infancy. Over the next 10 years, as Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer, Vijay played a career defining role in helping PVR become the behemoth in movie business that it is today. In industry’s collective mind-space, large measure of success realized by PVR over the years – which included scaling up from 60 screens to 600.

During the aforesaid period, not only Vijay traveled the length and breadth of the country, thereby gaining deep insights into unique characteristics of different micro-markets but, more importantly, he learned and mastered the craft of stitching win-win strategic alliances and partnerships. Over time, Vijay also forged some of the strongest links and trusted relationships at all levels in the Indian retail sector. To day, his expertise in all thing retail, and the tremendous goodwill he enjoys in the segment, remains unmatched.

Later, Vijay officiated as CEO – Retail & Commercial for one of country’s largest real estate firms. In a short span of time, Vijay transformed the Retail & Commercial business of the group by leasing out record area in a compressed time frame, and by strategically reorganizing the business to improve income and profitability.

Vijay’s key skills cover Strategy and Planning. He brings to the table comprehensive knowledge of and expertise in retail sector and leasing, combined with an extensive network of business relationships. His approach to work remains solution-focused, hands-on and personalized.

Vijay’s education credentials include a background in Science, followed by Chartered Accountancy. His total professional work experience exceeds 28 years.